To which carrier and area does the prefix 1531 belong to?

By the prefix 531, 226001 mobile phone numbers have been found, they belong to 16 carriers and are located in 12 areas.

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The ranges that contain the prefix 1 531

Begin End Area/Carrier/Type
1 (531) 976-00-00 1 (531) 976-99-99 Nebraska
Multiple Ocn Listing
Premium Rate Services - Information

The areas where the code +1 531 is applicable

Omaha, NebraskaLincoln, NebraskaEdgar, NebraskaCreston, NebraskaOakland, NebraskaWakefield, NebraskaSeward, NebraskaAuburn, NebraskaNebraskaAtkinson, NebraskaAdams, NebraskaBlair, Nebraska

The carriers that own the phone number +1 531

Aerial CommunicationAllo Comms LLCBandwidth.comCenturylinkCox TelcomGreat Plains BrdbLevel 3 CommMcimetro Ats LLCMultiple Ocn ListingNeutral TandemNew Cingular WrlsOnvoy LLCSprint SpectrumTime Warner CableUnited States CelVerizon Wireless

The types of the phone numbers +1 531

Directory AssistancePremium Rate Services - Information