To which carrier and area does the prefix 1747 belong to?

By the prefix 747, 747001 mobile phone numbers have been found, they belong to 32 carriers and are located in 15 areas.

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Phone numbers with the prefix 747 on the map

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The ranges that contain the prefix 1 747

Begin End Area/Carrier/Type
1 (747) 976-00-00 1 (747) 976-99-99 California
Multiple Ocn Listing
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The areas where the code +1 747 is applicable

Burbank, CaliforniaCanoga Park, CaliforniaVan Nuys, CaliforniaAgoura, CaliforniaGlendale, CaliforniaGranada Hills, CaliforniaNorth Hollywood, CaliforniaNorthridge, CaliforniaPacoima, CaliforniaReseda, CaliforniaSan Fernando, CaliforniaSepulveda, CaliforniaSunland-Tujunga, CaliforniaLa Crescenta, CaliforniaCalifornia

The carriers that own the phone number +1 747

AT&T Corp.Bandwidth.comBroadvox-ClecCbeyond CommsCenturylinkCharter FiberlinkConnectto CommCuratel LcLevel 3 CommMci Worldcom CommMetropcs NetworksMosaic NetworxMultiple Ocn ListingNeutral TandemNew Cingular WirlessO1 Comm IncOnvoy LLCPacific Bell - ClecPaetec CommPeerless NtwkSprint SpectrumTelcentris CommTelekenexTeleport ComTime Warner CableT-Mobile USA Inc.Tw TelecomU.S. TelepacVerizon WirelessWide Voice LLCXo California Inc.Ymax Comm. Corp.

The types of the phone numbers +1 747

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