To which carrier and area does the prefix 1854 belong to?

By the prefix 854, 54001 mobile phone numbers have been found, they belong to 13 carriers and are located in 4 areas.

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Phone numbers with the prefix 854 on the map

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The ranges that contain the prefix 1 854

Begin End Area/Carrier/Type
1 (854) 958-00-00 1 (854) 958-99-99 Charleston, South Carolina
Bellsouth So Bell

The areas where the code +1 854 is applicable

Charleston, South CarolinaSummerville, South CarolinaSouth CarolinaIsle Of Palms, South Carolina

The carriers that own the phone number +1 854

Bandwidth.comBellsouth So BellComcast PhoneLevel 3 CommMetro Pcs Inc.Multiple Ocn ListingNeutral TandemNew Cingular WrlsPeerless NtwkSo Carolina NetTeleport Com AmUs Lec CommVerizon Wireless

The types of the phone numbers +1 854

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