To which carrier and area does the prefix 19292 belong to?

By the prefix 9292, 978000 mobile phone numbers have been found, they belong to 33 carriers and are located in 5 areas.

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The ranges that contain the prefix 1 929 2

Begin End Area/Carrier/Type
1 (929) 206-00-00 1 (929) 206-99-99 Manhattan, New York
Telxmedia Inc.
1 (929) 289-00-00 1 (929) 289-99-99 Bronx, New York
Telxmedia Inc.

The areas where the code +1 929 2 is applicable

Brooklyn, New YorkQueens, New YorkStaten Island, New YorkBronx, New YorkManhattan, New York

The carriers that own the phone number +1 929 2

Bandwidth.comBroadview NtwksBroadvox-ClecCablevsn LghtpathCenturylinkConvergent CommCtc Comms Corp.Level 3 CommLocal Access LLCMci Worldcom CommMcimetro Ats LLCMetro Pcs Inc.Mosaic NetworxNeutral TandemNew Cingular WrlsOmnipoint CommOnvoy LLCPaetec CommPeerless NtwkSprint SpectrumTelcentris CommTelengy L.L.C.Telxmedia Inc.Time Warner CablTransbeamTw TelecomUs Lec CommVerizon WirelessVitcom LLCVoxbeam TelecomWide Voice LLCXo New York Inc.Ymax Comm. Corp.