To which carrier and area does the prefix 1934 belong to?

By the prefix 934, 33001 mobile phone numbers have been found, they belong to 7 carriers and are located in 10 areas.

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Phone numbers with the prefix 934 on the map

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The ranges that contain the prefix 1 934

Begin End Area/Carrier/Type
1 (934) 976-00-00 1 (934) 976-99-99 New York
Multiple Ocn Listing
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The areas where the code +1 934 is applicable

Bellport, New YorkFarmingdale, New YorkSouthampton, New YorkYaphank, New YorkNew YorkBrentwood, New YorkAmityville, New YorkBay Shore, New YorkCentral Islip, New YorkLindenhurst, New York

The carriers that own the phone number +1 934

Cablevsn LghtpathMultiple Ocn ListingNeutral TandemNew Cingular WrlsOnvoy LLCSprint SpectrumWorldcall Intercon

The types of the phone numbers +1 934

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